Red Flags in GI

January 3rd, 2020

First General Assembly

March 6th, 2020

COVID-19 Mobile Game

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March 28th, 2020

Patient Awareness Facebook Page

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April 11th, 2020

IBD Patient Awareness Webinar 1

April 22nd, 2020

Launch of HCP Facebook Group

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April 22nd, 2020

Ramadan Quiz for HCPs

April 24th, 2020 and for 30 days

IBD Patient Awareness Webinar 2

May 19th, 2020

Updates in Ulcerative Colitis HCP Webinar

August 27th, 2020

IBD Patient Awareness Webinar 3

September 25th, 2020

Second Assembly Meeting

October 1st, 2020

EDGE Olympus NBI Academy – First Wave

October 24th, 2020

Red Flags in GI – Alexandria

November 6th, 2020

Red Flags in GI – Assiut

November 6th, 2020

GERD week – Patient MDT Awareness Webinar

November 20th, 2020

Red Flags in GI – Menofia

November 25th, 2020


December 10th & 11th, 2020

EGEUS Live Endoscopy Transmission from Cairo

December 17th & 18th, 2020